Kyle Johnson

  • Years at Lakeside: 1
  • Years Coaching: 13
  • Coaching Experience: Numerous baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball teams throughout the years; current PE coach at Shallowford Presbyterian School
  • Playing Experience: South Plantation High School (1981-85)
  • Education: Mercer University (1997)
  • Personal Bio: I was born in Minneapolis, MN, but moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL, when I was 12. Growing up, I played baseball, ice hockey, soccer, and football.  I moved to Atlanta in 1992 after meeting my future wife, Laura.  We have been married for over 20 years and have lived in Briarmoor Manor for all of them. My daughter graduated from Lakeside in 2019 and is now a student at Purdue University. My son is currently a junior at Lakeside.  I have played baseball and been a fan of the game for as long as I can remember.  I played competitive softball for over 20 years and won two National Championships in 2008 and 2009.

Baseball Philosophy:

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Sometimes your unscathed and sometimes you bruise.

Sometimes you strike out and sometimes you hit.

Sometimes you’re starting and sometimes you sit.

Sometimes you fail and sometimes you pass.

But no matter the outcome, you do it with class.